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Welcome to the Parkville Association

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Welcome to the website for the Parkville Association. You can find out more about what the Parkville Association does by visiting the About Us page.

Enquiries about Membership should use the Members page which has information about joining the Parkville Association. Positions on the Committee are currently vacant and the Association is looking for interested members of the Community to join us.

  The Activities page outlines upcoming events and activities that are significant to Parkville and its residents.

Click here for Events and Meeting Times.

Next events
Pre-Christmas Dinner, early December - further details to be announced here and on Facebook

- Next Committee meeting - 7:15pm, Tuesday 12 September at Walmsley House
Other committee meetings to be held on 10 October and 14 November - all members welcome.

Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ParkvilleAssociation

The Committee handles many heritage issues throughout the year as well as the ongoing issues of parking and traffic, the planned construction of the Metro Rail Project including a Parkville station at the intersection of Royal Parade and Grattan Street, and other items as they arise. Please check the News page for updates of current issues.

Please feel welcome to attend any of the Parkville Association meetings during the year.